Terms and Conditions:


  1. National Library of Malaysia (NLM) as the main administrator of National Union Catalogue (NUC) System Version 2.0


  1. NUC System Version 2.0 is exclusively for the use of NUC consortium and Interlibrary Loan (ILL) member only and not for commercial or profit purposes.


  1. Registration of the NUC membership is FREE and a verification from the NUC system administrator needs to be obtained at NLM before accessing the NUC System Version 2.0.


  1. The filled membership registration information is


  1. The access point for each user varies according to the responsibilities as specified i.e. whether as an organization administrator, cataloguer and ILL officer.


  1. NUC consortium is not allowed to disclose ID and password to third party intentionally or unintentionally.


  1. Personal information data of the member is for the use of NUC System Version 2.0 only and will not be shared to third parties.


  1. Bibliographic Data Management:
  1.  NUC consortium is fully responsible for the data uploaded.
  2.  NUC consortium need to ensure that the data uploaded complies with the Minimum Standard set by NUC.
  3.  Has an officer who will be responsible for managing bibliographic data.
  4.  NUC consortium need to choose one channel to update bibliographic data into the NUC System via Harvesting, Web Upload or Web Catalogue.
  5.  NUC consortium need to ensure the data uploaded into the NUC System via web upload is up-to-date.  the system administrator and cataloguer dashboard.
  6.  Not uploading bibliographic data information that violates any intellectual property rights or copyrights, etc.
  7.  NUC consortium is only allowed to maintain the bibliographic data of the respective agencies.


  1. Institutional Repository Metadata Management:
  1. Institutional repository metadata updated in the NUC System is based on harvesting of the institution repository with the open access status.
  2.  NUC consortium need to ensure that the metadata uploaded in the NUC System complies with the Minimum Standard of Institutional Repository.


  1. ILL Service Management:
  1. ILL member must oblige with the regulations set by the supplier library.
  2.  Has an officer who will be responsible for managing loans and returns of materials.
  3.  Photocopy of the original materials may be supplied upon application, provided such application is in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright Act 1987.
  4.  ILL member has to cooperate with the applicant library and supplier library.
  5.  ILL member has to be responsible towards any borrowed materials in accordance with the policies of supplier library.


  1. PNM reserves the right to withdraw access to services from any member of the consortium's account whose user accounts are associated with any activities that are considered as system abuse. Examples of such misuse include:  


  1. Sharing of user ID/password with other institutions.
  2. Denial of service or hackers.
  3. Damage of services to other users caused by an attempt to download the entire database.

12.  The main administrator of the NUC System Version 2.0 reserves the right to make amendments to these terms and conditions without notifying the NUC consortium.


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