• What is KIK?

    KIK is a resource sharing service among consortium libraries in Malaysia hosted and coordinated by PNM. KIK provides access to comprehensive sources of library materials in Malaysia for user reference.

  • How to join KIK?

    KIK participation is open to all organizations in Malaysia that have a library or resource center.

  • What are the benefits of joining KIK?

    The benefits of joining KIK are:

    1. Facilitate and expedite reference to local library resources.
    2. Able to access the latest information on the availability of library collections in the country.
    3. Increase the standard and quality of library materials cataloging practices.
    4. Simplify and speed up the cataloging process through the bibliographic record download facility.
    5. Facilitate interlibrary loans.
  • If I cannot contribute data, am I eligible to join KIK?

    Organisation are able to join  KIK as a user even unable to contribute data.

  • Should my library have a system before joining KIK?

    No need. You can join as a user. You need a system if you want to contribute data or import data.

  • Is there a fee for joining KIK?

    At the moment, the registration fee is not charged.


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